Will the tourist apartments disappear in Barcelona?

After the decline in tourism worldwide, many changes have occurred in the 9,600 legalized tourist apartments in Barcelona.

Undoubtedly they have been times of many changes in different sectors, but in what way should these new challenges be faced? In the hospitality sector there is talk of a change of model.

This in order to achieve a definitive recovery in a much more successful way.

Of the 9,600 legalized tourist apartments in Barcelona, ​​3,900 have already changed their services to long-term rental. This as a consequence of the decrease in tourist occupancy, which in August reached 12%.

What strategies do tourist apartments consider to curb these figures?

Updates with technologies that offer greater security to guests and therefore guarantee the possibility of increasing tourist stays.

Everything has changed, including the behavior of the guest, who is increasingly cautious and takes into account factors such as:

  • More personal spaces that avoid interaction with other people
  • Personalized services in which you only interact with people from the same core
  • Observe continuous cleaning in common areas
  • Avoid contact with hotel workers or receptionists in charge
  • They request remote assistance, they do not want direct contact to offer their opinions

In search of this model change, technology plays a key role in successfully achieving this goal.

With the quarantine, a digitization process was presented that prompted learning to work remotely and take advantage of the time that was previously spent traveling, to now invest it in more productive hours.

Technologies such as access controls by codes, management of various tourist accommodation through applications, noise sensors that send automatic signals when the volume can cause complaints.

They are tools that favor better experiences for the guest and provide greater security.

For example, physically traveling to hand over access keys should no longer be an option. Automate the entrances and exits by means of codes that only the guest will use, provides greater peace of mind.

All are tools that from now on will be essential in tourist apartments, it is only a matter of time and like everything, it is better to take the advantage and stand out among the demand.