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Will the tourist apartments disappear in Barcelona?

After the decline in tourism worldwide, many changes have occurred in the 9,600 legalized tourist apartments in Barcelona. Undoubtedly they have been times of many changes in different sectors, but in what way should these new challenges be faced? In the hospitality sector there is talk of a change of model. This in order to […]

From Tourist Apartment to Residential Rental

Many consequences have been left by the coronavirus pandemic, including the rental of tourist apartments in Barcelona that are now becoming residential rentals. Without a doubt, this season Barcelona will not have the same tourist boom that it usually receives consecutively every summer. It is said that the hotel industry waits until the beginning of […]

Nuevos Clientes con Acceso Automatizado

Celebramos la llegada del año nuevo incorporando nuevos clientes a nuestro equipo Multimedia Engineering Barcelona. Es un placer poder recorrer nuevos lugares de España con nuestros sistemas de acceso automatizado Code System, diseñado para garantizar máxima seguridad y control de accesos de departamentos turísticos, coworkings e incluso viviendas privadas. Agradecemos a todas las nuevas empresas […]