Net Promoter Score How to improve it quickly?

Net Promoter Score

Have you ever wondered why the comments of your tourist apartment on tripadvisor don’t help your business to position itself better? Do you know that the Net Promoter Score is your ally to make your apartment stand out among so many offers?

Surely it has happened to you that you take many actions to offer the best service and the best quality, and even then you cannot get your guests to comment on these details.

It is important that you understand that your guest will always perceive any good experience as something that was already included at the time he made his reservation.

It is very difficult for the client to learn to recognize the value of each detail designed for their comfort.

That is why you must think of strategies that allow him to value and thank for each service and experience that he lives during his stay.

But FIRST, do you know what the Net Promoter Score is?

This system acts as a very effective tool to measure the loyalty of your client by classifying the comments of their stay in: promoters, detractors and liabilities.

By organizing these comments, companies can clearly observe the percentages represented by these three large groups, where:

The Promoters: are all those guests who will help to promote your tourist apartment in a positive way. All the good opinions and ratings are concentrated here.

Detractors: they will be the users who share negative experiences that will detract from the promoters’ value and which causes the NPS of your tourist apartment to be negatively affected.

Liabilities: refer to those guests who do not comment on how their experiences were

Your goal will always be to get more promoter guests

Taking into account the following indications, you will be able to encourage your guest to leave good reviews on the websites dedicated to this activity.

  • First of all, make sure you meet the basic requirements corresponding to: Cleanliness, equipment and furniture in good and functional condition, personalized attention, among others …
  • To avoid unnecessary complaints, you must leave a welcome kit where you clarify the behavior manual and everything that is not included in the accommodation rate.
  • Make sure you have sent this kit with all the rules for guests, prior to the guest email and highlight the importance of reading it.
  • Customize the services as much as possible with the guest’s tastes and name, this will undoubtedly be a factor that will help to receive a good review.
  • To carry out the previous idea, it will be enough for you to ask in your guest’s reservation confirmation email, the information you need to create that personalized surprise (leave some of your favorite fruits, a certain smell in the room, etc.)
  • If possible, take a welcome tour of the entire room and teach the correct use of electronic devices
  • Remember to always leave a direct contact line available 24 hours a day, in case of an emergency
  • Communicate with your guest referring by name
  • Offer a goodbye call or message
  • Send an email two days after your stay with the direct link to the portals where you want me to leave your comments

Right now the deciding factor that makes a guest choose one hosting option or another are the recommendations offered by other previous users.

This is why it is so important to position your tourist apartment with a positive Net Promoter Score and to be able to sustain it over time.