Manage efficient coworkings with Code System

Today we see how the new coworking philosophy has changed and generated a new concept of what we knew as traditional offices. Now the concepts of sharing space and time with other professionals provide an additional value of continuous enrichment, and a great opportunity to develop yourself professionally.

Coworking offers a different experience of working, such as flexibility, since nowadays we see how the work rhythms are not always regular and coworking offers a personalized work organization adapted to the needs of each coworker or organization.

How to make coworking more innovative?

Optimizing productivity and generating new services that allow having access to spaces for multiple entrepreneurs or freelancers, is an opportunity that is brought by Code System Basic. It is an access control by code designed for all types of inputs and outputs, which can be configured on the same keyboard up to 60 4-digit codes for each of the doors with total flexibility. You can activate the codes that are needed, as well as modify, create or delete each of them, at any time.

Keypad Basic features:

  • Up to 60 4-digit fixed codes
  • 3 digit master codes
  • 1 digit variable code
  • Simple configuration on the same keyboard
  • Totally safe
  • Compatible with electric strike
  • Fully autonomous keyboard

The coworkings have come to stay and promote performance and productivity in the way of working, because they adapt to a society in constant evolution that fosters an open and collaborative conception. Code System is the most practical and innovative solution.