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From Tourist Apartment to Residential Rental

Many consequences have been left by the coronavirus pandemic, including the rental of tourist apartments in Barcelona that are now becoming residential rentals.

Without a doubt, this season Barcelona will not have the same tourist boom that it usually receives consecutively every summer.

It is said that the hotel industry waits until the beginning of autumn for a possible rebound in visits from foreign tourists.

Main reason why of the 9600 tourist apartments in Barcelona, ​​only 5700 will remain active this season according to data from Apartur (association of tourist apartments in Barcelona).

What position should you take as a tourist apartment owner?

Whether you decide to opt for residential rental or stay as a tourist apartment, it is important that you take into account the following information:

  • Tourist flats provide better security measures avoiding social contact with other tourists
  • The next trips will be made to a greater extent as a family and the first option for savings and social distancing will be the tourist apartments
  • It is very likely that the rental of residential apartments will have to lower prices
  • There will be new regulations for tourist apartments in order to avoid the proliferation of illegal accommodation.
  • The rental market has been frozen during the pandemic
  • In case of opting for residential rental, it will be necessary to think about the creation of content such as virtual tours that allow the interested party to visit the apartments without the need to be physically present

Although still each of these estimates remain as assumptions since it is difficult to know for sure what the behavior of the tourist will be.

What is certain is that this summer season tourism will take place locally, positioning rural and beach destinations as the first option among Spaniards.