Code System Products

Keypad Code System

    Access control by code:
    The Code-System Keyboard is completely autonomous, its access code system is generated without having to manipulate the keyboard.
    You just have to connect it to the electric door closing system.
    It is the core product of the Code-System Product portfolio.

    Management software

      Manage your keyboards from any computer, anywhere in the world, our software does not require any type of internet connection.
      Simple code generation tool, you only have to insert the information of your client’s reservation and a code will be automatically generated that will work only during the days of the guest’s stay.

      ECS Energy Manager

        Our ECS system determines the connection and disconnection of the electrical supply in the air conditioning lines, appliances, lights, etc.
        From the information obtained from a time programmer and a volumetric sensor.
        Our energy manager will save you on your bills.
        The ECS Energy Manager is part of the Code-System Product portfolio.

        We offer high quality products that adapt to the new market needs