Management software Code-System

How does the Code-System Management Software work?

The Code-System management software is designed so that everyone can run it with just one click.
Follow the steps specified on the side and you will see the simplicity and speed of our application.
  • Download custom software

    Following an easy installation manual

  • Select the apartment

  • Add stay interval

    Check-in time: 8 or 15
    Departure time: 12

  • Give the code to the client as you prefer

    Telephone, SMS, mail or call.

    Gain in Security and Control with the new Code-System Management Software

    Manage your keyboards in the most comfortable and safe way

    Manage your keyboards from any computer anywhere in the world, our software does not require any type of internet connection.

    The Code-System management software is a simple code generation tool. You just have to insert the information of your client’s reservation and a code will be automatically generated that will work only during the days of the guest’s stay.

    This code can be given to your client as you prefer, either via email, SMS, call or personally.

    Eventually this code will stop working based on the date information you have marked in the software.

    Additionally, you will always have the possibility of generating fixed codes for:

    • Cleaning staff
    • Mantenance staff
    • Building manager

    Modernize your tourist apartment