Do you know how our code access control system, Code-System Plus, works for your building, hostel or apartment? Understand the operation with the following simple steps:

Nuestro control de acceso Code System Plus funciona de manera completamente autónoma y no requiere ningún mantenimiento después de su instalación.

Con el software de gestión instalado en un ordenador, es posible gestionar el acceso de pisos turísticos, oficinas y residencias desde cualquier lugar.

Incluso desde la comodidad de tu casa y en cualquier parte del mundo.

  • The tourist rents the room / apartment

  • The owner or manager generates an access code through the Software installed on their computer

    Adding in the software the duration of the tourist’s stay (between 1 and 21 days)
    -The time of entry: at 8:00 or at 15:00 on the first day
    -The departure time: at 12 noon on the last day

  • No need for any manipulation on the Code-System keyboard

    The software can be installed on any computer, and no Internet connection is required.
    Nor is it necessary to go to the physical keyboard to activate the access codes, once created with the program, the code will be valid for the duration that has been determined.

  • Delivery of the code to the tourist

    Once you have the personalized code for the client, which will appear on the screen, you can provide it to the tourist as you prefer.

    – Phone call
    – SMS
    – Email
    – WhatsApp
    – Other alternatives

  • The tourist has access to the room or apartment

    Once you have the code, you can access your room during the days of your stay. (which you have previously defined in the code system software)
    The same 6-digit code will be valid for the keypad at the entrance to the building, the parking lot, the pool and other accesses, also during the days of your stay.
    Before or after these dates, the code will not be valid.

  • At the end of the stay, the access control system is no longer valid

    The customer leaves the room on the last day before 12.00 AM and the Code System access control automatically stops working