Our lock with Code Code System Plus, is perfect for managing business remotely.

You can be anywhere in the world, and from there create the access codes for your tourist apartments, coworkings, offices, private homes and all kinds of businesses.

Our Keypad:


  • How are the codes configured?

    The Code-System Keypad of our code lock is completely Autonomous. Its access code system is generated without having to manipulate the keyboard. We parameterize your Code-System keyboard and adapt it for your home or business of Apartments, Hostels, Hostels, Hotels, Hostel, Rural Houses, Bungalows. With our easy to use software, you can create customer codes from anywhere, for the duration of your stay. You only need a computer and our software, you don’t even need an Internet connection.

  • Security and access control

    Through our access control by code Code-System, access control by keyboard is allowed autonomously and managed by the client. We customize the keyboards for each type of access, in this way we make sure that it only serves for your property. The access control keypad fits all types of electric security and anti-theft lock.

  • Easy installation

    Our Code-System Plus keyboard has a very simple installation, any electrician can do it. You only need a connection between the strike, the keyboard and the power supply. You do not need a connection to any Wi-Fi network, maximum efficiency in generating the access code from our maximum security software. In addition to being a keyboard resistant to water, sun and snow. That is why it does not require maintenance after installation

  • No keys or cards

    Self-manageable system, without the need for anyone to manually program the code. It is generated with a simple software from home. Avoiding customer service personnel costs. Code-System allows you to manage rental spaces without reception and avoids handing over keys or security cards.

cerradura con código