Open door with code – Features of our Keypad Basic:

      • Up to 60 fixed 4-digit codes.
      • 3 4-digit master codes.
      • 1 variable 6-digit code for tourist use.
      • Simple configuration on the same keyboard.
      • Totally safe.
      • Compatible with electric strike.
      • Fully autonomous keyboard.

Also adapted for Tourist Apartments

Our code door opening system is designed for all types of access.

In addition to providing security to private homes, it is also applicable to the management of tourist apartments, hotels, hostels, hostels, residences and others.

In tourist apartments we have extensive experience creating service packages that include, in addition to access control, the management of electricity consumption

How is the Door Opening with Code configured?

With our keypad you can configure, on the same keyboard, up to 60 valid 4-digit codes for each of your doors, with total flexibility.

You will be able to leave active the codes that you need for example for the maintenance or cleaning people of the building.

Likewise, you can modify, create or delete each one of them, at any time and from anywhere.

What lock can I install?

Our best keyboard compatible solution:
A reinforced electric strike.
One Anti-card and Anti-Panic lock
A bowler with inner knob

Most Frequent Questions About Our Keyboards

And the installation?

Our Code System Basic keyboard has a very simple installation, any electrician can do it.
You only need a connection between the strike, the keyboard and the power supply.
Additionally, we always send the codes with our installation manual.
In this manual we detail with graphics the step by step to install and program the codes.

Is it going to be very expensive for me?

Code System Basic has a very affordable price, from 135 euros, and the benefits it will give to your tourist apartments are many.

You can forget about deliveries of keys, lost keys, expensive cards and annual software payments.

In addition, once the installation is done, you will not have to invest in monthly maintenance.

Code System is completely autonomous and resistant to rain, sun and snow